Gino Green Globalization Plan

One of the many recognized urban and hip hop clothing lines today that have captivated our senses and annoyed us at the same time is the gino green global clothing lines. It captivated us, brought in new senses for the trend setters and a new way for the fashion forward people to express themselves, but it has also given us a lot of headache, thinking what are those things on its shirts? Are those 9s or small gs?

The gino green global collection is a proud clothing line founded by brothers Prince and Anthony Mayol. Ever since Prince have gotten into designing fashionable clothing lines that shows his passion and love for graphic art and color vibrancy had led him and his brother to create a clothing line that would feature all that is him, and that clothing line is the gino green global.

Prince launched the Gino Green Global clothing lines with the “G” intentionally to look like the number 9. The idea was to create enough commotion and publicity for the clothing line to get recognized as wide as possible. And this idea came back with success and fame which quickly got the attention of the style conscious and trend setting NYC fashion crowd.

To further their introduction of the brand, the team also launched aggressive and strategic national marketing plan which included embarking on a fourteen city tour by way of a wrapped tour bus and a party like a rock star energy.

One of their most notable appearances was with NYC’s most recognized basketball tournaments, such as the highly publicized Ruckers tournament and the Nike sponsored Dyckman Summer League. Another was with the most defining Hip Hop Awards shows, album and Sneaker release parties. Each of these events have showed support to the brand and made sure that their signature look was recognized and remembered.

Due to this much public appearances, gino green global had the ability to approach A list celebrities such as Papoose, 50 cent, Denzel Washington, Busta Rymes, R Kelly, UGK, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy T-Pain, Ed Lover, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderon, and Don Dinero, providing them all with customized one of a kind pieces.

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